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A New Year, a New Intention

Starting a New Year is like a breath of fresh air, a chance to write a new chapter in our lives. It’s that time of year for new resolutions and goals. Many people choose to start the year off with a resolution; a bright hope of change and improved habits and lifestyle. Resolutions start off as good intentions but often are too challenging to create lasting change. And, we all know how busy the local gym is in January and then fizzles out by mid-February. It’s no wonder about 80% of people never see their resolutions to fruition – our brains are wired for immediate gratification. That’s why those chocolate cookies (nachos for me!) taste so much better than the raw broccoli in the fridge.

2017 was the first year I chose a one word intention. Through a process of reflection, journaling and getting deep below the surface of what I wanted for myself, I knew what I needed. That year, I was starting my second year of graduate studies, vying for a new position at work, dealing with a failing marriage and a son whose addictions direct his life. The word I chose was COURAGE. Every time I felt fearful, discouraged, helpless, or as though I couldn’t cope, I thought about my intentional word. Just repeating it to myself during challenges was enough to stand tall in tough times.

This year try an alternative to setting a resolution - a one word intention. It can be the catalyst to remind you to endure. A one-word intention is a word to inspire and guide you in your day, week, or year ahead. It’s a simple word that’s a reminder of how you choose to be and what you want for your best self.

*Reflect on what’s important to you and why *Write it down and keep it positive *Make it visible – post it where you’ll see it often

Last year I used my intentional word to create a vision board to set a direction of purpose and goals.

As we begin a new year and new century, what will your one word intention be for 2020?

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